A friend of mine learn this from yoga: if you turn your (hands) palm forward, your shoulders will straighten up and move back and you won't get hunched up and you get a better posture. She goes for long walks swinging her arms with palms facing forward. I did the same for the 5 minutes warm up and found my posture to be much better, I don't push my neck down and hunch up when I run. My shoulders stay back and feel good. Now I know what you guys around the world are going to do in the next couple of minutes........๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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  • haha defo trying that :D

  • Interesting - must give that a go.


  • Did just that!! Am going to try it out tomorrow. Thanks

  • I will try that, although I may look like a poof doing my posture has already improved slightly since I started running, but this will help even more..๐Ÿ˜€

  • I kind of do that anyway because if my hands face down my fingers swell up like crazy! Keeping them up as if I were holding a crisp seems to help. If it helps my posture, so much the better :)

  • I didn't keep mine up, just facing forward. I was surprised

  • You are right. This morning, while running I kept my palms facing up and let my wrists loose. It somehow helped me not to bunch up or close my hands as a fist while running. My hands were much more relaxed which is the idea.

    Now with the walking I think it slowed me down because my hands cannot cut through the air as much.

  • Hehe :D It works! Brilliant :)

  • I can't picture at all what position the hands are in here ! Can you link to a pic on the internet ?

  • Not too sure I can do this Island runner as am not too good with technology. Will try.

    In the meantime : when walking, I swing my arms back and forth. In doing so, the palm of my hands are swinging past my thighs back and forth. What has been suggested to me is to move my wrists 90 degrees so my palms are facing the front instead of facing my thighs. It does work but I find it is not aerodynamic when walking. I have now tried it with running. It means instead of bunching up my hands into fists (to do the locomotion), I relax my wrists and turn my palms (90 degrees) towards the sky. I don't know if it is acceptable or a good idea for running but It seems to work for me and I find my shoulders stay back and I have a better posture.

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