Parkrun practice...all set for the real thing now!😀

Ok...slightly nervous about doing my first Parkrun next weekend, so thought I'd pop over to the course for a bit of a practice! Three laps of a beautiful local park on a cool but beautiful autumn day. One son on a bike, the other joined me for part of the run😀. Don't know why new routes knock my confidence a little (am sure that will change with time), but despite the odd gremlin about half way round ( proud to say I knocked them on the head and just plodded on defiantly) I eventually settled into my stride properly and completed the 5K in 31mins 51 secs. Very pleased with that and now just have to convince myself that I can do the same with lots of real people on Saturday!!

Happy running everyone!


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17 Replies

  • Sandra put any doubts out of your mind, my experience of parkruns have been fun and is something I would recommend to anyone. Go and enjoy yourself and post your day on this forum. Happy running and you time for 5k is very good, nothing to be nervous about.

  • Thank you Frank, that is very kind. My husband has done a few but is out with a knee injury at the moment. He says they are very friendly too. The only big run I have done with lots of people is a Race for Life a few years ago, and it was fine when I got there! Think I am more one for the woodland trails if I'm honest, but I love the idea of a timed Parkrun from time to time.

    Will of course post my experience here😀

  • Whatever the reason, that sounds like a lovely run! And the bonus is - you now know you can handle the parkrun with ease (under 32 mins is great!).

    Good luck for Saturday!


  • Thank you Ugi - this forum is such a boost!😀

  • Oh boy. That's a great time. And running with other folks always seems to push people that little bit faster. Have fun!

  • Thank you rwd - am really looking forward to it (despite the first time nerves!)

  • Brilliant ! Cor that's really good Sandra , Well done !

    Nowt to worry about at all, get thissen to parkrun and enjoy it !

    I love your new pic, I have got a bit of a soft spot for hamsters :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! I'm afraid I am one of life's worriers, but I do plan to enjoy it! Btw .... Its a guinea-pig!!!

  • Oh yes so it is, ha ha :-) xxx

  • Cracking pace Sandra. Reckon you'll be quicker on Saturday when you get the adrenalin buzz. Good luck, you'll love it :)

  • Sandra -- just treat it for what it is - It's a run in a park!!!! (but timed and with some other people.) - no more , no less. Some people there will be fast runners - some will be much slower than you. Enjoy yourself.

  • Thanks Bazza, I will repeat "Just a run in a park" sure I will love it!

  • Well done Sandra and I am sure you will do well for the real thing. Give us your time once you have done it

  • Great job Sandra and great time! I have my first parkrun too 7 November at Belton - I will be going alone .. bit scared :-/

  • That was a great time! You are going to ace parkrun. A word of warning, though - they quickly become addictive...

  • Well done, what a brilliant time!! You'll have no problem on park run. I did my first on Sat- it was a bit strange trying a new route but you won't have that issue. Everyone was really friendly and I did the 5k in 34mins 46 secs (about a min slower than my personal best- there were a few bottlenecks where the path we were running down became single file so I had to adjust my speed there!) You'll love park run, my experience was that it was v friendly- I'm looking forward to going again on Saturday!!

  • You'll enjoy it once you get there - and even better that now you know where you're going - great time too

    let us know how you get on

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