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Trying to get my older brother to start c25k

My brother is 66, he played a lot of football when younger, but due to knee cartledge problem at 18 his playing finished, (shame really because he was a damn good player) and believe not much if any excercise has taken place since, but has always been mostly active. But today he is having a stent procedure carried out, as a slight blockage has been found in an artery (he wouldn't take statins!) and although his knees play him up, I was thinking of trying to get him on c25k when he recovers from the procedure and is fit enough.

But being very strong minded like yours truly, it may be difficult. Am wondering if it's a no go situation and he should just stick to more gentle excercise like walking.

Are there any on here of a similar age who have had the problem and excelled at c25k? I would appreciate your input thanks.

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Not at that age but do have a comment to make.

When someone is strong minded it doesn't mean that they cannot change their mind.

Once you have done that, they will become just as strong minded in doing the new idea if that makes sense.

Maybe offer to go out with him, vigourous walks etc etc

Apologies ! I have just read the above and it just looks stupid !!


Hi Dave

I hope your brother's procedure went well. A relative of mine had the same procedure and felt like a new man afterwards!

Speaking from my relatives experience, your brother may be offered cardio rehabilitation afterwards and if so, a medically supervised exercise regime will be introduced. When he's feeling a bit better, maybe he can pose the question of whether he can do c25k to his specialists. :-)

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I started C25K at age 67 -- but I did also walk 5ks @ 3 times per week for a month or so before undertaking this easier 7 week Mayo Clinic training programme

He does however have to do all this himself - and he has to want to do it!!! It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life -- it is not necessarily going to improve my life span - nor make me healthy ( cancer of one form or another is everywhere here!!) - but at least I can now tie up my shoes :) and stand on one leg!!!! :) - that is , apart from also run 35Klms per week!! :)

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I'd agree with the idea of supporting him with whatever rehabilitation regime he is offered (and you'd hope he was offered one)

You can't 'persuade' him - but he can't do C25K if he doesn't know about it or believes that people who have had heart problems should not do any running. Or that people with knee problems should not do any running (he might need to be extra careful about footwear and avoiding hard surfaces)

Sometimes an experience like this is the trigger for all sorts of wonderful positive new habits promoting wellbeing. Other times it can be such a psychological blow that people do less - eat badly, withdraw etc. It's good that he has someone ready to support him.

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Yes indeedy. Not the artery issues, but I had an ACL replacement after I ruptured it skiing and did Cto 5K around ten years later. I never played football and avoided hockey like the plague so didn't have a previous taste of fitness, unlike your brother. However, if he is overweight I'd guess he should lose a few kilos first so as not to put extra strain on his knees or heart. But like giving up smoking, the impetus has to come from him.

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