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Week 7 Spin 3 - Better

This one was tough again, but by choice. I try to push just a little bit above my comfort zone, keeping the comfort zone as a "rest level" if I can. There's another "running" rest level below that, too, which I make plenty of use of. Today wattage was the measure used. I usually seem to be around or below the 150W mark when chugging along, and today I probably spend more time at about 175W or thereabouts. 100W is pretty close to the "go all day" rate, just to scale this.

The only incident of any kind (apart from the usual having to postpone that rest, and then repostpone it, and so on) was that at the end I decided to really give it stick in the last minute. I even got up on the pedals. On the readout I saw something over 300W at one point, so I was just about killing myself. But then that minute ended, and I then realised that it had, in fact, been the second-last minute, and to go for more than 24 minutes required yet another minute of hanging in there. It was a pretty desperate minute, as you might imagine, and at the end I was using the lowest rest level available, and very close to just giving up.

I didn't see any people walking their dogs. I didn't meet any fellow fools thudding clumsily along. I saw some rugby, I suppose, but that's not a substitute. Here, have some envy.

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Aww Gary_bart! Big hug! I missed the entire day of rugby so have some envy back! Well done you- total admiration not sure I could stick that spin milarky 😀

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Having all the metrics on display helps (although most of them you could probably find an app for, running - apparently the calories reading uses some formula that tries to state these in terms of consumed calories, rather than heat equivalent effort put into the machine, so there's even some idea of how much cake I have to eat to make up for the harm done by the exercise.)


Well done Gary. You're getting through the weeks quite quickly.

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I normally don't give myself a second rest day at the end of the week, so calendar weeks overlap c25k weeks (or is it the other way round?)


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