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Ail Caesar! In which I get stroppily wet tracking down treasure - a pastime the divine Laura said was acceptable for someone of my abilities

I am now in serious pain from the marauding. All upper body has seized up. I have discovered muscles I didn't know existed. No wonder such exciting adventures were forbidden to one such as I. Oh, that stupid centurion- you'll be pleased to know he's going to the lions on Tuesday.

Yesterday I borrowed some hoplites and went on a treasure hunt because Laura said that was acceptable for me but I got so wet and miserable that even Vimto didn't help.

Today I am taking my chariot and visiting the spa. I shall stroll through the rose gardens, have second breakfast at the clock cafe, walk amongst gamblers and bathers at the beach, saunter around the headland, recline in a boat being piloted by a brave, non-water-fearing centurion, eat at the revered pirate's restaurant and return via the funicular to save my legs the pain of the struggle up the cliff path.

Hopefully by tomorrow it will be back to 'Hail' not 'Ail' Caesar.

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Damn it, I replied to you about an hour ago and it's vanished!! Suspect there may be Hoplite fifth columnists at Forum HQ.

Have a wonderful time on the Yorkshire Riviera. Are there still Swan boats on the lake in the park and, if so, will you be taking a turn around the water to wave at the populus? Tis many moons since I visited Scarsie (I'm guessing that's where you are) and am now feeling the call of the wild and the need for some decent Yorkshire fish and chips.

Sympathies for the achey breakie muscles, Your Emperorness, and on the total soaking. It must have been bad to beyond the restorative powers of Vimto. Still, the fresh air and the excitement of the funicular will restore your strength in no time.

Happy Sunday xx


Pah! The scoundrels put away the dragons (no swans any more, I'm afraid) just as my sedan was entering the park. I almost had a paddy but after yesterday's strop I didn't think it was worth it, also other than that I was having a good time. The tunnel of doom at the end of the day was most pleasing.


Scarborough warning for you Dozz ?

Have a paddle for me ! :-D xxx


The sun shone, the tide was out and the tunnel of doom was as good as ever. I'm sure it's shorter than it used to be though.


Aww Dozzer. I hope you are restored to your normal gloriousness soon!


My day will return!


Dare I ask ? Okay here goes :

Whats the tunnel of doom ? :-) xxx