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Parkrun training programme

I have posted this link before but thought I would do so again.

I do really like the look of this programme - which is "only" 4 days per week ( as opposed to 5 which many

"intermediate" training programmes are - and one day too many for me!! :) ) -- and it is quite simple to follow without too many "technical" details.

Basically , it includes 1/ a long easy run of from 60 - 90 minutes 2/ a parkrun where on 3 weeks of the month you run the 5K at around 1-2 minutes slower than your PB and try for a PB once per month ( on pacer day?) 3/ a tempo day ( tempo meaning "comfortably hard" ) where you do a small number of 10-20 minute runs with a good rest inbetween and finally 4/ an intervals day when you run at a pace faster than your 5K PB but only for a few minutes with a short jog inbetween each repeat. :)

I think there is enough variety there which , if included with varied routes including flats and hills on different days, would keep things interesting

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sounds great, tahnks for the link, I really want to get into Saturday morning park runs


There is no reason why your parkrun career cannot start this weekend!!! As I have said here before, many of us incorporated out C25K runs into parkrun - I started at W2D1 -- including the 5 minute warmup and cooldown walks, I just did whatever C25K wanted me to do - and then I "made it up" after that however I felt to get me across the line. So I completed my first 5K at parkrun on W2D1 in around 40 minutes !! :)

The link that I posted is for you AFTER you have completed C25K and are running non-stop for 30 minutes !! :) But in the meantime, there is no reason why you can't enjoy the parkrun fun with the rest of us :)

Actually even now, I still do tempo intervals ( including walk breaks ) at some parkrun meets - just depending on what my "training" calls for at the time. Right now I am training for a HM using run/walk - and , finding that run/walk does (for me) kind of interfere with my ability to run non-stop, I am now using parkrun to do a solid 5K non-stop run each week to make sure that my body (and mind) don't forget how to!! :) All other days of the week, I an run/walking with 1 minute runs !!


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