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Feeling Virtuous - Pre-emptive Visit to Doctor on Thur

I'm not injured right now. Not incapacitated, anyway. Have lived through much, much, much, much worse than this before, anyway. I do, however, get numb toes a lot of the time, and it doesn't seem to be getting better. It's the numb toes that worry me.

The principal niggle/ injury/ stiff spot I have at the moment alternates between being a sore right glute, and a stiff right hip, and the strange thing is that this seems to require a good night's sleep to properly develop. I'll wake up in the morning feeling fine (apart from the mild unpleasantness of numb toes), but as soon as I get out of bed I have to hobble for a while. The toes and the hip seem to be linked.

Then there's the left knee, which is a bit suspect. I'll let the doctor tell me what I must do about it.

Actually at the bottom is a right ankle that has been full of gravel ever since I "shot myself in the foot". A few years ago I was able to walk into the doctors and tell them that my complaint was "I shot myself in the foot", because I came much too close to doing exactly that. I had a pistol hidden in a warm jacket, with a round in the chamber (because we were living in a situation where it might save your life to have such a thing); I pulled the jacket down, one cold day, forgetful of what was wrapped in it, was too slow to catch the falling pistol, which smacked barrel down into the floor, and discharged.

No, the safety catch *was* engaged. Never rely on a safety catch. (Actually I knew this before the incident, so this was nearly criminal negligence on my part).

The round gouged a centimetre deep hole in the floor, pocked the plaster on at least two of the walls, and I was hit by some bits of shrapnel as well as tiny powder burns. The worst of it for me was that the shock put the muscles of my calves into such a spasm that they permanently ruined my ankle joint. Every now and then a little bit of lead or copper still pops out.

From a practical point, today, as long as I land nice and true, that ankle works fine. On less stable ground I risk ending up dragging that foot around, though. And I think it's possible that the knee that's issuing warnings is responding to something in the ankle full of gravel.

Hmm... I shouldn't complain. At least there's no arthritis in there. People without arthritis should just shut up and be grateful that their joints more or less work, shouldn't they? But actually I'm not complaining. I'm just justifying going to see the doctor before something has popped with a terrible dry crack, or has twisted and swollen up like a balloon, that's all. I feel virtuous to be attempting preemption like this, instead of just waiting for something to pop.

So virtuous, that I'll still be doing run 3 of week 7 tomorrow. Slowly. Very slowly. And a bit stiffly, just in case.

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Damaged nerve or blood clot. One you can do nothing about, the other you take aspirin or warfarin.

What were you doing with a gun anyway. Put that thing in the bin and enjoy your running instead. Smell the roses, it is much nicer.


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