Week 6 seems like the hardest

So I've been coming along pretty well finished week 5s 2 mile run in 22:16 thought I was doing OK but ever since starting week 6 it has been a nightmare haven't been able to finish the 1mile with 3min off and then another mile without walking. How is this possible? Shouldn't I be getting stronger not weaker on these runs? So frustrated any advice would help. Thanks for any feedback.


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  • I take it you're not using the podcasts, then? Most of us are, and there what you do is run times, rather than distances. 2 miles would be quite a lot of ground for most of us to be covering in just Week 5 Run 3, I think. That's about 3.2 km in scientific units, which is closer to what I was covering in Week 6.

    I wouldn't get too worried about speeds/ changes in speed at this point in time. Just work your way through your version of the plan, get to the goal, and then after that set a new goal of speeding up. You'll do that by shorter, more intense interval runs from what I've heard.

    The reason you're not finishing those miles is you're running too fast. Slow down a bit, and in the long run that will sustain you long enough to start reaching for those other goals.

  • Thank you. I will go for time instead of the distance. On week 5R3 I jogged the whole 2 miles non-stop but I did go over the 20min mark I kept going so I could do the 2 miles. :-) That for me was the furthest I have ever ran in my entire life without stopping. I was always a sprinter. Mentally I feel like 3 miles should be nothing but boy am I wrong. I guess being 43 and smoking for 25 years didn't help I did quit them dang things a couple weeks before I started this program at least. I'll dial it back and go for time instead of distance. Thanks again. I'll leave my stupid ego out of this. Shame on me!! :-)

  • Good for you for being flexible about this. As for ego, bring it back in a bit later if it helps. Why not? :-) As long as you control it, instead of it controlling you, "Ego is not a Dirty Word", as the Skyhooks once said, long, long ago. (And my apologies if the "glamness" of that rock is all a bit much; it was the fashion of the times).

  • I never knew how far I was running - just the fact of how long I could run for was enough for me! When I finally graduate and started working out my distances I found I still could not manage the 5k in 30 mins but I wasn't bothered - for me its all about actually being able to run. So I would say slow down a bit and maybe repeat week 6 until you feel better about it before going on to 7. Good running!

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