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Tricked myself

I've been trying to do a 10km run on a Saturday morning for the past 6ish weeks but last week and the week before it was a real struggle. A combination of heat and a dull ache in my right hip I think. This morning I decided to do 2 5kms instead of 10km. I figured that I can do 5km then see how I feel and do another 5km if I feel OK. Well it worked! Did the first 5km, stopped had a drink and a few sweeties, then set off again. The pace was a bit slower than I would have liked but I kept it constant, didn't 't have that 'I can't go on' feeling and hip didn't ache. All in all pretty good. It was a couple of degrees cooler this morning and far less humid which also helped. This time last year I was well on the way to completing the c25k programme and I don't remember having the same heat related problems (but then I have trouble remembering what happened last week!) but I suppose then I was maybe doing 4ish km in 30 minutes compared to 10km in about 1hr 20 minutes. What a difference a year makes!!!

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Hey good way to do it , I'm loving the interval style of bridge to 10k and maybe I'll try this 'trick' one I finish the programme

Well done !


Well done for doing 10k - pompoms out and shaking for you in a kitchen in the South of France :D I think it's just a brain/numbers thing - just thinking about 10K scares the hell out of me, but 5+5 sounds much easier to accomplish. Weird, as when I started C25K I freaked at the idea of running three minutes without a break. For me it's a self-confidence issue :D


That's brilliant, great way to see of the gremlins! Your first 10K is very special - enjoy!


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