Running distance app and negative first half talks

Hi firstly, does anyone recommend an app that measures the distance you've run without a constant mobile signal? And can it work alongside my podcast? And does anyone have any tips for managing my mind for the first half of the run, I find I am really not enjoying it as much a second half because of my 'mind talk'. Last half I'm loving it! Thanks


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  • There are many Apps that do what you want. For example, RUNKEEPER will track your position on a map , tell you in real time how far you have run and at what speed/pace, call out intervals - and a whole bunch of other things

    BUT - although you can use it to do all this without any mobile signal ( or your mobile data turned off) , you have to download the map relevant to the area that you will be running first. I have done this when I have been overseas and where I know I will not be able to access the local phone network. In the hotel, using the hotels wifi, I will turn on my GPS , then turn on RUNKEEPER and it will download the map of where I am located.

    I am currently playing around with another App called RUNGO which does much the same thing but is a bit more simple. It simply tracks where you are running and tells you how far/fast etc. However it also allows you to enter a route into the App and then gives you verbal turn directions ( so you don't get lost) . You can also simply just run - and it will track you - all with no mobile signal

  • Regarding the run itself - I am not sure what you mean by "mind talk" or whether you are referring to a C25K exercise or just a private run -- but I am sure that most of us will agree that the first part of any run is the hardest, then we warm up and seem to find a second wind. I usually take a few Klms before I "loosen up" :) I think the secret is to just take it easy (or easier) at the start and ease yourself into the run - and also, NEVER start a run uphill!!! :)

  • Most tracking apps only require a GPS signal rather than a data signal, but as Bazza says, you only get the map with data or wifi reception. This should be fine for running from home. All the common tracking apps will run alongside the C25k app.

  • I am on wk 7, so 25 min runs for me and I find the first 5 mins the hardest. This morning I was really able to up my pace in the last 5 mins. I really need to run faster to start with!

  • I am now running 5-10k regularly and I still find the first 5-10 minutes the hardest. To be honest I am not sure this will ever change as your body needs time to adjust to doing something different (I just read in a book that for a regular pace it takes about 10 minutes to for the body to take on oxygen as fast as it needs, for breathing to regulate and for the body to be properly warmed up). I deliberately try and run slower in the first few minutes to make this harder part slightly easier before picking up pace and settling to my proper rythm.

  • For the first half, is your "mind talk" about how hard the run is?

    If so, as Bazza said, you're not alone in finding the first part of a run hard.

    But if it is more a case of a wandering mind - and you find yourself worrying, planning or being carried away by thinking you can try focusing on your body sensations.

    Actually, doing that works in both cases - just bring your attention not to the "how hard, I want to stop" , but to the physical sensation you are experiencing - even if they are not pleasant "feel" it instead of experiencing it with your mind. And find your mantra... (mine is " I can go on" or I count my steps like Laura :1,2,3,4...1,2,3,4)

  • Thanks for all of your replies. I have no signal in my village so the GPS thing will help, and I will try those apps. As for the mind talk I seem to be thinking about how hard it is, or what bit aches, or thinking how will I get through this, and I want to switch it off! Good to know I am not alone, and will try other strategies! :)

  • Find some music you really enjoy and turn up the volume. Or you (and I assume you're using the NHS app) find an audio book you like so you can concentrate on the story. Unless Laura buts in just when you're about to find out whodunnit.

  • It may be worth generally acquiring skills to enable you to 'be' with difficult emotions whilst they pass. It takes a lot less mental energy than trying to fight or suppress them. As I think you are going to hear from many of us, it is totally normal to have a chunk of your run accompanied by a mental chorus of something less than encouraging. Although my most usual 'mantra' has been "You don't have to do this" - permission to stop empowers me to choose to carry on. Variations have been "I'll just do 5 minutes... or to that tree"

    I like Ekhart Yoga - you should find some useful short videos on YouTube free and their website has some free resources (not generally involving mantras by the way)

  • I use Endomondo which runs without any mobile signal as long as you have gps enabled. I have used it in Ireland and Carribean and no need to download maps first, just start the app, turn on gps and run! However, I use a little iPod nano to get the c25k podcast or listen to any other music when I run so not sure if you could use the same device for both!

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