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Week seven started

Well, normally I'd have the weekend off but a combination of a boiler service and needing to work extra hours tomorrow meant that I decided to run today instead of Monday, otherwise it just wouldn't happen.

So, I started the Fitbit app on the phone, set up Laura, and headed out.

I did start thinking half way through that it didn't matter if I didn't finish today (and using the wise words from elsewhere on this forum, running even half way was better than staying on the couch and not running).

I pushed on, through the drizzle. Ran a slightly different route on the way to the meadow and the way back.

Checked the app on the computer when I got in and realised that the route I'd taken was 5.08km from my door, all the way around, and back to the door.

I would post the whole route here if it didn't show exactly where I lived, but I will post the time.

Run at Sunday, 12 July 2015, at 11:17AM 5.08 km 34:04 min 6'42" pace

I am shattered. But happy. And now I might have two days off to get me to Wednesday for run 2, then run 3 on Friday as usual.

I might (definitely do) need a shower now.

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Well done. Good idea to get the boiler serviced.....you'll definitely need it working well for Week 8.


Thank you. :)


OMG, thats amazing 5.08km in 34mins at week 7!!! I can't even begin to think about times like that. Good on you, go have that shower and be very very happy.


I definitely ran too fast on the first bit, so the middle was a bit of a slog. I also walk quickly, so the five minutes walk at the start covered a fair distance. But, yes, I am happy. Tired, but happy!


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