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Wk7 run 3 done! 😀 any advice for knee welcomed please

Hello lovely people, I actually enjoyed my run today apart from a huge rottie having a poo and me having an argument with the woman to pick up her dog mess, right on the forty public foot path 😳

Anyway feeling positive except an achy knee and today tight ness at top of the calf on the same leg. I think that knee has always had a weakness but it does not stop me running on it.

I will up the stretching before and after runs and I between runs but if anyone else has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I would hate to hav to stop running now as I already had to give up kick boxing due to a poorly blow and shoulder😩

Thank you I trust your all well and running 😀

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I had an old knee problem before running. As the weeks went by I think the running actually made it stronger! I'm pleased to hear you are stretching as I also think that is key. I do the NHS knee exercises (link below) on most of my non-running days. I can really feel the difference. I also take cod liver oil and glucosamine. I have just realised I am starting to sound like a deranged, excessive loon with all of my habits. It's this running bug - it really gets to you!!!! :)

Good luck

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Ty mate no that's great advise, I have glucasomine for the dog So I know it's works ! I will follow the link ☺️ Your advice is Very much appreciated.

You should hear how I have my tea, 1 normal tea bag, 1 spicy chia stood for a min or two with a splash of goats milk!!! Must be our age we know what works and what we like 😉


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