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6k in 56 minutes

I had to double check my PB of 6k in 50 minutes.

First try was 6k in one hour.

Second try was 6k in 50 minutes. (PB)

This morning was 6.2k in 56 minutes, and this was after a sleepless night of listening to hubby musical snoring.

So my PB of 6k in 50 minutes must have been correct. I am happy.

I want to increase the 6k to 7k. Doesn't matter how long it takes.

As Laura said: it is not about speed but about endurance and distance.

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Yessss! Well done you - you're an example for me to follow (I've not hit the 6K mark yet).


You will get there. If I can, everybody can. Also the beach was 3k so I had no choice to do the 6, and I did not want to walk some of it as I would have felt defeated. The beach on the other side is 2k plus only so I will try it as an easy run.


Well done, also its not easy running after a bad nights sleep. Laura is right and no doubt you will get to 7km!! 800m to go!!


Thank you. I will just need to get the husband to shift the breakfast table 800metres further South! Mmmmm bacon and eggs. I can smell it already


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