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Hello week 8!

Crickey, can't believe it! Finished week 7 run 3 yesterday, and boy it was tough in the heat, but I plodded on (no speed records going on here!).

Simply cannot fathom that I might be finished at the end of next week.... I literally haven't been this fit in decades - SUCH a happy feeling (and the stone and half lost is pretty good too ;)

Thanks for your support and words of wisdom, I love this place!

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Well done, keep going. Don't even think about the speed you're running - that can wait for now. Just focus on running the duration.


Thanks Steve, I'll try not to think about speed, although it is a touch off putting when an 80 year old lady overtakes me.... !


well done ..


Well done mum_of_3, sounds like you are getting a lot from this programme, keep up the great work!


Thanks Stevie! I really am getting a lot from it - never thought I'd be able to run this much!


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