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Found my stride

Woooo just finished week 4. Totally elated. after the 2nd 5 min run i kept running for the 5 minute walk phase making it a 10 minute run.

Lots of people on this forum have talked about hitting their stride and it finally happened to shuffly pseudo jog lengthened out and felt smoother, i ended up doing another 5 and 6 minute run tacked on the end.

Probably not wise and i should stick to Laura's programme but it just felt great, so i ended up running for over half an hour in total.


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Good stuff!

Be a bit careful not to over-do it and get injured, but otherwise, if you are comfortable running then run!

It's great to know that you can run a bit and not feel destroyed by it isn't it!

You probably want to stay roughly to the guide of increasing total distance by 10% a week or so to avoid getting joint problems, but be a little patient and pretty soon you'll be running 20 & 25mins solid.

Great to hear that you've found that groove.

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Yep, don't go tagging bits on the end, honestly don't.

Do the programme as laid down, nice and steady. No dramas. Finish this thing safely. You're skeleton is not built up for going longer/further/faster yet, and to push too soon is going to end in injury

It's a marvellous moment when you discover you hit your stride, and you want to keep experiencing that feeling, so take care.

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Great advice, my knee has been a bit sore after, but I've learned my lesson there and have given it a few days to recover. Will try to stick to the prescribed run now. :)


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