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Knee Problems

I am going to give up on hilly Park Runs the one I do is damaging my knees ( I have hypermobility of my patella both knees which doesn't normally give me any problems ) I am sure it's the downhill part ! I get no pain at all on the level ground that I normally run on ! The pain is taking longer to settle down this week (I have done 2) and is worse coming downstairs! I have done two flat 5k runs since Saturday with little pain but think I will take a few days off to rest it !! Luckily there is a flat Park Run about 10 miles away so I am going to aim for that next week :) Has anyone else had pain with hills ? ;)

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I know the feeling, I went swimming last night and my knees far more than any running, apparently breaststroke can cause swimmers knee!


Pre running I damaged my knee volunteering on a hillside!!!! Thus, I am now very cautious running down hill or on sloping ground. I always wear my knee support and take it slower but being careful not to put more pressure on by 'jarring'. I also do the NHS knee strengthening exercises. If I think I've risked a niggle I'll ice straight away. If my knee does start to ache when running I find that if I concentrate on good form it stops (I think I must have a tendency to start dragging my left foot when tiring).

At the end of the day though, if it is making you uncomfortable / worried then choose the routes that you can relax and enjoy.

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