Couch to 5K

Will I suffer from a break?

I completed R3Wk7 on Monday and since then I have felt so so tired and aching alot - my knees hurt.

I had a Hep B booster vaccination and I have been working alot - so I put it down to that and decided to take a bit more of a break to recover - Do you think I will be OK to go and do R1Wk8 tomorrow?

I still ache, but hope when I get going I will be able to run this off - I've consistently run Mon/Wed/Fri up to this point.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Yes absolutely! The break will probably have done you good and your body clearly needed a little rest. No harm in that at all. Go rock w8r1!


Go for it!

You won't have lost anything in terms of physical ability in such a short time. All the best.


You'll be ok, it's only 3 days break - You may even be in for a surprisingly good run!


Hi Melly - I've just completed Wk8R1 after a 6 day break as I was away at the weekend and then I had a talk to write and give which took all my spare time. I was a bit unsure as to whether the break would mean I couldn't complete the run, but it was fine. I probably went a bit slower than normal to compensate, but as most people on here would say, it more about completing the run than the speed or distance. I reckon you will be fine!


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