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OK to do other exercise plan on top of C25K??

Hi all,

Just completed my first run of week 3. Feeling good. Originally I had started with the aim of doing the 12 week fitness plan as I want to tone up as well as increase my aerobic fitness with cardio. However, I found that the strength and fitness workouts in the 12 week NHS plan didn't challenge me at all as I had to wait on Laura to explain how to do each move. Also, I lack the equipment required such as a tall railing etc. and I don't want to work out in a gym or the park.

So I started fitting in workouts from a different plan and found they worked well. I was definitely seeing an improvement in my body. However this plan has a set of 3 different styles of workouts - total body toning, fat burning interval session (cardio) and recovery enhancing stretch workout. The plan says that each workout should be done twice a week with one rest day.

Is it a bad idea to do these two workouts plans at the same time - is it overdoing it? My muscles were a bit sore last week but not bad and I was enjoying it and found I could fit it in. (I just fell off the wagon for 4 days after a very late night on Saturday and not having the battery on my phone to go out one evening!! :P)

I have seen where people have advised not overdoing it but I thought that cross training is good? My concern of overdoing it has prompted me to consider other options. Perhaps mixing the 2 together to mimic the 12 week fitness plan - I could do my C25k runs on alternate days and then 1 of each workout from the other plan on the other days, with 1 rest day per week? Or perhaps it would be better to leave out the cardio workouts from the second plan and do 3xC25k runs a week, 2 total body toning workouts and 1 enhancing recovery workout per week with one day rest from both plans?

Any advice on this - (1.) C25k + full workout plan together, (2.) mix with C25k and half other plan, 1 workout style each week or (3.) mix with C25k and cut out cardio from other plan so 2 toning workouts and 1 stretch workout?

Any advice appreciated, I know it's probably a bit of a tough/complicated one!!!



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Hellyeah! It is probably advisable to have one proper rest day a week at first, but otherwise, fill your time with exercise. Obviously don't jump into a 2 hour a day, 6 day a week routine froma standing start but, assuming you have no medical condition that precludes it, go for it.


Sweet! Great news! Thanks! :) I gave the 6 day workout a break for a couple of days but I'm still on track for couch to 5k so based on what you say I will try starting up the other workout again and just repeat the first week of it - together it will be about 50 minutes-1hr day 1, 30 mins approx day 2 etc.. I'm going to make sure I warm up and cool down before the other workout though as they don't have that included in it and I think I would still probably need to.

In fact, last week what I did was go straight from couch to 5k, skip the cool down walk and do the other workout instead of having to do a warm up for it. I might stick with that and just make sure to do some cool down stretches afterwards.

Can I ask though, it's best not to do the same type of exercises 6 days in a row, right? As in 6 days a week running is worse than 3 days a week running and 6 days a week doing different styles of strength and flexibility workouts?

Thanks again! :)


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