What other exercise do you do?

I'm curious what other exercise people here might do? I do body combat classes and hiking in addition to C25K, though I admit I'm having trouble fitting everything in. I thought I was fairly fit, but C25K is making me think twice - I don't think I would be gasping so desperately this early on if that were the case! So what do you guys do? Do you still exercise on your rest days?


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30 Replies

  • When I started C25K I did a Davina McCall exercise DVD on my rest days. However, as the weeks have gone on I've let this slip. I really do need to get back in to doing something though. I looked at Strength and Flex yesterday and may give this a go but with the rubbish weather we're having, plus being not far off of winter, I think my rest day exercise should be an indoor affair.

  • I like the idea of doing something from home but I don't think I'd be able to keep it up. I've been running at home so far, but I think that's because I'm treating the app almost like a game - I want to progress to the next level!

    Indoors is definitely more appealing than going out in the rain anymore than necessary! Ah, summer, I enjoyed you for the week you lasted.

  • I am doing the knee strengthening exercises on my rest days. However, I am thinking about long walks on my rest days after Week 3.

  • Have 2 dogs, 3 grandkids and a large garden including vegetable plots so don't end up with time for much else

  • I would imagine 2 dogs and 3 grandkids would already keep you pretty active!

  • Hiking has probably strengthened your leg muscles and tendons etc, and your martial arts activities will have improved your overall conditioing no doubt, but fitness in one discipline does not always translate into another. I know powerlifters who can lift a small car off the ground but couldn't run a bath, and fast marathon runners who couldn't get their water bottle overhead.

  • Don't know about the body combat but hiking won't get you fit like running will. I walk a lot but still only just made it to the end of w1r1 and at the end of the week could not imagine managing increasing the runs in week 2. I did manage, of course.

  • I've been doing pretty well so far, but I suspect this week onwards is when I'm going to start to struggle - I'm on week 4. The idea of running for 5 minutes horrifies me! Three runs a week doesn't seem enough to build up the stamina, though I know it must work since there are so many graduates on here.

  • Trust me it works. Every week is a challenge because it keeps building. But it really does work as long as you trust it and believe you can do it. Just go for it and stop worrying. The worst that can happen is you have to repeat a run, but you probably won't have to.

  • Thanks. :) Fitting it in has been impossible this week, but I'm determined to get in my first run tomorrow.

  • When I was doing the programme, I started (about W4 or so) doing spin classes twice a week, and additional cardio in the gym (rowing machine and, though it pains me to admit it, elliptical and stationary bike,). Towards the end I added in a couple more classes: kettlercise and circuits.

    With the wonders of hindsight, I probably would not do the same now. At the time I was really mega focussed on seeing scale weight drop and getting 'fitter' in the cardio sense. After I graduated I started pushing that to doing spin days a week and running further and further 4 then days a week etc. Anything to burn calories and increase stamina.

    I would have been much better served taking it all at a less frenetic pace, doing other exercise which complemented my cardio activities rather than just piled on top of them. I would have started in the weight room earlier: lifting weights is so benefical for everyone, not just bodybuilders; I would have done more mobility and flexibility work, power yoga or similar, and I would have done some more HIIT.

  • Thanks, that's interesting and good to know. I was thinking about maybe starting on some weights.

  • I do a gym class twice a week and am trying to fit in an easy bike ride once a week the day after a run to spin the legs

  • Do spinning classes - at least one a week but try and fit in two. They've really helped my running by strengthening my legs. Spinning also stretches my legs out so really complements my running.

  • I've been a bit leery of spinning, when you started did you find it made your legs ache too much to want to go running?

  • Lol. When I started spinning I was just concentrating on "not dying".

  • Me too!

  • I'm not going to lie Pseud0nym - my first couple of classes where sheer hell! There are four different instructors that do spinning at my gym, and I switch between three of them. Their classes are incredibly different so I go with the one that suits me at the time. One is just mega full on - couldn't do that one at first but music is amazing and it's a huge buzz. Other one is easier with lots of sprinting. Other one has a lot more hill climbs. I prefer hill climbs over sprinting (because I have so much to wobble when I sprint) but it's a case of finding which one you like best and which one works best with your running. I'm totally addicted to spinning - best workout there is! Huge buzz and you can just shut your eyes and push on through - which you obviously can't do on a real bike! Just remember to take some water and a towel!

  • As it was horrible & wet today - i decided to pass on W4R2 so did 25 minutes on the cross-trainer - feel better for doing something now :)

  • Good on you! I'm on week 4 too, but haven't managed to fit in R1 yet - hopefully I can get it done tomorrow. Today all I managed was falling into bed and a deep sleep the second I got home.

  • I do a yoga and pilates class every week. I'm convinced that they have helped me get to week 8!

  • I try to walk 12K steps a day and when it rains, I go on my cross trainer/cycle machine :) Although when the weather is so depressing its nice to sit in bed and rest :)

  • I do Pilates once a week term time. I try to do 3 x 10mins brisk walking every day I don't run; I use the NHS Active10 app so as not to kid myself.

  • I swim, weight train, core work and hike. Also lots of juggling so I can fit it in. 😀.

  • I used to do some yoga, pilates, home YouTube workout (mainly from FB - FitnessBlender) including HIIT. Last year I hiked a lot but this year I've been only several times hiking.

    Since I started running I didn't manage to put many more in the week. Yesterday I did FB pilates for core and legs. I have no idea how I manage to do my run today after that.

  • I have a dog, so I tend to walk a little more both running and rest days.

  • Have you ever tried running with your dog? I did that back when I had a dog and took a pretty epic fall when our legs got tangled up! Wasn't hurt luckily, but I was sprawled flat on my back with an incredibly large puppy jumping and slobbering all over me. :D

  • Wow, that sounds at least epic ;)

    Yes, I did run with her several times. I even bought a special bungee hand free leash for that purpose. I know I need to go for a walk with her first and some few sprints during fetch game to make har a little tired. Otherwise, I am pulled all the time and she is trying to make me sprint faster and faster, no stopping possibility :P and she is quite a big lady (35kg of pure muscles).

    We started running with sedral short learning sessions, so now she knows what to do when I jog, the walking bits are more difficult as she is pulling to the grass and stopping for a lot o sniffing, so not much of a brisk walk for me.

  • I ride my bike to work most days and try to walk as much as I can. I aspire to doing yoga and weights.

  • I do a spinning class and a Pilates class once a week. I have sometimes found it hard to fit in 3 runs with working full time.

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