Is it jogging making me sick?

I graduated end of July last year, it coincided with the start of the summer holiday. It was a stressful holiday I was preparing my eldest son for a new school - it was worse for me than him ;-). My aunt was admitted to hospital so I was going up and down to her with my mum. Unfortunately she died the day before the new term. I didn't run at all during August because so tied up with family.

Anyway 1 week into September I came down with a horrible cold which went to very bad cough really quickly. I couldn't run, managed to feel like a run by mid October. Came down with another cold in half term. So no more running. It went on like this for a while. Xmas flu, cough got better. I managed a few runs - back to week 5 to make it easier for me. Half term again, another cold. Easter holiday another cold - not such a bad one.

So now I have another cold, feel rubbish, but certainly not as bad as some I've had recently. But I'm beginning to wonder if the jogging is bringing it on somehow. I was feeling great last Monday and drove out to the local common and had a lovely jog, put in lots of effort and did well. Tuesday started sore throat, Wednesday sniffing, Thursday full on cold.

I'm just tired of being sick I want to continue with the jogging and get back to 3 times a week, it did wonders for my chunky thighs anyone got any advice?



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5 Replies

  • I'd be VERY surprised if it was. You've had so much on your plate, it's no wonder you've been feeling grotty. Sorry to have nothing positive to say, but I'd urge you not to give up on the running - in the end that's going to continue to do you so much good.

  • Sounds like you're a bit run down. Stress can often do that, and you've had a lot on your plate. Perhaps you could see your GP or nurse. Maybe you need a little tonic, even the pharmacist might be able to recommend something. please don't give up on the running, but get yourself better first then you'll be ready for the off.

  • It's far more likely to be your kid starting school. (s)he is probably bringing home every cold known to man and you haven't been exposed to them so you suffer. But ask a doctor if you are worried. In a similar way I got a couple of colds when I started running in November. I think that was more to do with November than starting running.

  • That sounds so much like the past nine months has been for me KP. Not the family trauma fortunately but certainly one cold after another and feeling generally run down. Personally I don't think running helps too much in these circumstances. If I make myself do a long jog when I'm feeling run down I'm guaranteed to go down with a cold or sore throat a few days later. I think your immune system needs to be cossetted when it's under stress and obviously struggling to cope and you need to be kind to your body and soul and not beat yourself up about not running. Play it by ear and only start with gentle easy runs when you feel up to it, then build up gradually. That's Nanny Turtle's advice anyway. It worked for me. Patience paid off. Today I did my first Park Run for ten months and feel I'm finally back on track!

  • There has been a really nasty bug going around this year and it has caught a couple of our members. My Dad and one of my friends has had it as well. It seems to feel like it's gone and then comes back to bite you again. Things that strengthen the immune system help. Try a couple of fast walks for a week before you run again, it eases your body into getting back into it, sleep well and good food. Hope you feel better soon.

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