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Wearing knee supports for the first time

So I have always had quite weak knees and since starting couch to 5k they have started aching quite alot and hurting while running, I bought some knee supports last week and tried them out on Friday for my week 3 run 3 and there was quite a difference, unfortunately both good and bad.

My knees felt alot less painful and stronger but I really struggled with the run, my legs just felt like lead and I was just stumbling along barely jogging on the 3 minute runs. I've never found any of the runs as hard as that one was.

Do you think this was just a bad day running wise or was related to the knee supports? My running partner suggested I could have done them up too tight and reduced the circulation to my lower legs, does that sound feasible?

Not sure now whether to run with or without the supports and whether to go onto week 4 or do week 3 for another run or 2 since I struggled so much.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post!

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I ran from day 1 with those elasticated supports as I have previous knee issues ( from gardening!!!) I had aches and pains all over right up until getting new shoes post gait analysis. I then ran another month or so with the supports until I tried running without. I did fine unless I really pushed my pace or did 8k plus, so I'd need to ice. The feel difference I've found is doing the knee exercises on these pages.

Thus, put simply, I have my knees - you have yours! It is difficult to advise. Is it an ache or a pain? Take it really steady and if in any doubt REST & RICE! Don't run on painful knees.



I tried to find this knee exercises with no luck,could you send me link please? Thank you :)


Here you go. I see I wasn't clear .... they are on the NHS C25k pages (not the forum pages) apologies!

Link below:


I hope you are getting on well :)

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I never like to comment on health type issues, but my experience is that those Scholl Pro Sport stretchy knee supports are really good.

I wear them all the time and feel they give me the support I need.

But everyone's different so they might not be for you.


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