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Aches 😪

Had a bit of an ache in the front of my right hip and outside top of my right thigh after Saturday morning's run (28 mins). Iced it and it went away by bedtime, fine all day Sunday.

After yesterday morning's run (30 mins) there it was again. Iced all day but still a bit sore today.

It's a dull ache/stiffness feeling rather than a pain. Have been doing leg raises, loads of different thigh and hip stretches and won't run until.Friday at the earliest. Have also ordered a foam roller.

Bit gloomy as I am only 2 runs away from graduation and am also signed up for Race for Life in the middle of June. Really hoping it's just muscle fatigue and the old bod adjusting to longer running and nothing more serious.


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I'm sure your right and its your body rebelling against all this healthy activity!! Mine has been the same, nothing bad just niggly aches and pains, your doing all the right things by the sounds of it although I'm no expert, but if your really worried why not get checked out whilst you've still got time before the RFL? :)


I definitely will if it doesn't go away or returns when I next run. If the worst happens I can always walk the RFL - wouldn't be any slower tbh !!!!

Fingers crossed anyway...


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