Week 4

I'm about to start week 4 today.. I must say I feel extremely nervous about it! Week 3 was very challenging for me.. I did the runs but with the previous week I found them to get easier as I completed more but with week 3 each one was extremely challenging.. How I am going to run for 5 minutes I don't know.. although the feeling of achievement when completed is amazing!!

3 Replies

  • You'll surprise yourself. As long as you complete each of the runs you are ready to move on. If you can't complete, just repeat it until you can. You're doing great!

  • Just take it slow and, as Ully says, you will surprise yourself.

  • Well I'd just like to say I've completed w4r1 and wow I didn't think the end was in sight on the last 5 minute run. I can't believe I have done it! One very red, proud tomato! Thanks all x

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