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Anybody know about a low heart rate and running?

Hi everyone, I'm just looking to see any opinions or advice on heart rates and running. My heart rate is sitting at 45 (from ecg the other day!) I am 25 female and 1st 8lbs overweight. When I had an ecg the other day because I was feeling unwell, they said I had sinus bradycardia and sinus arrhythmia. Does anyone know how this would affect my running? I need to go back to the doctors tomorrow see what she says but so far they seem unconcerned with how low it is. I'm not particularly fit but can run a 5k in 34 mins. I'm curious as to how this could be affecting my running or am I fine to just plod along as I am and be unconcerned! 😁

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well if its any conciliation, I'm 52 my resting heart rate is anything between 45 to 52, when I'm pushing myself doing the parkrun 5k, it rarely shows above 156. Apart from always feeling cold (but never when I'm running outdoors), I've never felt fitter and can't remember the last time I even had a cold. I avoid doctors like the plague if I can, I'm not sure I would worry to much about it if you feel fine. If its not broke don't fix it, in other words if you starting asking the medical profession to check you out, you might wish you hadn't.


Hello, I would ask the Doc as they are the ones that know x


YES ! Have both these (resting heart rate 39) plus atrial fibrillation and ectopics. I am medicated to regulate heartbeat but cardiologist says to just carry on as normal and there is nothing I have been told not to do. I do sometimes become aware of ectopics if I am doing something very strenuous but a walk break usually sorts it out. I always wear an ICE band. Take medical advice and take care.

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Thank you for the replys. I was only concerned as I began to feel really well last week, faint very pale breathless. When I had it checked I was down to 45, I was sitting around 55 consistently til this point so my main concern was why it had dropped so suddenly. When running, I feel absolutely fine like you henpen, it seems to come suddenly then go. Anyway I'll carry on running as I am and see what they say ☺️ Thanks again


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