Low heart rate question

Hi everyone! I had some questions about heart rate if anyone can help! I've been wearing a heart rate monitor for a while now and my resting heart rate sits about 44, going as low as 41. I'm 25, and almost 2 stone overweight, this seems too low? When I run for around 30 mins I sit around 170-185, I'm unsure if that is too high given my low resting rate. Any advice welcome :-)


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  • At your age, I think your maximum heart rate should be around 195, and I also think (but do some research) youshould exercise up to something like 85-90% of that. I don't think there's much of a relationship between resting HR and maximum. As you get fitter, your resting heart rate normally goes down, but fitness has no effect on maximum HR.

    I've been reading up a bit on this, because my heart rate is probably on the high side (I'm 58).

  • We can give generalised advice, but (most of us) are not medical professionals, so if you have concerns consult your GP. Your resting low is quite low, but I would have thought not abnormally so, mine is mid 40s also. Some people have a high range and others a lower range but it does not correlate wholly to your fitness. Your maximum HR declines with age. For more general advice Google heart rates.

  • That is really, really low. Some athletes have a low resting heart rate simply because their heart has a more powerful pump, as they have developed into a strong muscle and so the pump if more effective with its output and so a low rate is sufficient to meet the needs of the rest of the body- it is perfused adequately. Unless you are a serious athlete then i would absolutely advise you to make an appointment with your GP.

  • ALSO please dont worry yourself between now and your appointment, because what i just said is generalise advice- every individual has individualised needs and their body's adapt to meet these needs meaning that everyone has different norms-it could just be that this is normal for you and your doctor isnt concerned.. just make an appointment and get that reassurance:)

  • At home we've stated to pay a bit of attention to resting heart rate after my BIL was admitted to hospital with a v.high and irregular heart beat.

    Anyway, I've noticed at rest mine can be very low too (48-52) but can be normal at 60 at other times. In exercise it rises normally to about 185. (I'm 31- probably slightly over weight)

    If you're concerned I would recommend going to the doctor. If nothing else they can put your mind at rest that everything is OK.

    Take care x

  • We did the same when my father in law had a similar problem. We bought a heart rate watch for him, and played with it for about a week before he got his mitts on it! I was clearly the fittest in the house with a resting heart rate of 52 (thanks Laura :) ). My husband's was 78, which just gave me another chance to nag him about taking some exercise. No luck so far ....!

  • It's low but I don't think abnormally so. I have a friend who is now in his 60s but he said many years ago that his resting heart rate was 37 - and it is still around that. He wasn't/isn't an athlete but does do a bit of running. If concerned you should see your GP.

  • Thanks everyone :-) sorry I've not replied I was night shift and was sleeping! I feel reassured that it's fine, I've always had really low blood pressure too. I will mention it to my doctor on Monday and see what she says. Since running I do feel really full of energy and healthier so I think this is just a side affect but I shall keep an eye on it :-) in the mean time I'll call myself a super athlete haha!

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