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Wk6, but my right knee hurts

I haven't posted for a couple of weeks on here. I was pretty pleased with my progress and running farther and faster. From reading other posts, it sounds like I may have got my pace wrong and gone too fast and now my right knee has been sore since last Thursday. I went out again on Sunday and slowed the pace right down, but to no avail. Have I mucked everything up now, or can I keep going? I wondered if I rested until Sunday it would help.

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No - you haven't necessarily "mucked everything up" .

Nobody would know what has caused you to experience knee pain - quite often it is said to be because of poor running "form" but it could also come from somewhere in your past history. I have no idea what you should do - go see a Doctor if it is bad - and/or just walk and take it easy with the running until it goes away. There is a big difference between dull aches and pains in joints , ligaments and muscles and acute pain. The latter is bad - the former is usually just your body tell you that it is not happy. The reason we have rest days and are advised that our early days of running should be slow and easy is to build up our strength - both cardio fitness and muscle/bone strength.

Keep at it!!


Hi, lots of us get aches and pains, you have to be honest and ask if this is pain not a niggle. I had ankle / tendon pain about week 6 and had to stop for a week. Lots of rest, foot up, Ice, anti-inflam gel. I then tried a shorter run and resumed the plan with more rest days in between. I'm fine now! So, don't despair, be sensible, listen to your body. It could be other things (others on here have more experience than me!) e.g. Your trainers, gait, road surface, but I would try rest etc too :) good luck!!


Thank you both. I think I may go for a long walk tonight to try and help. I will use anti-inflammatories, then see how my knee feels on Sunday. If it's still painful then I will walk (and perhaps see my doctor), but if it is better I will try a very slow run.


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