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Lower back discomfort

So, I have been getting a little bit of lower back discomfort recently as I run for longer. I've been thinking about it a bit over the weekend and I think I need to strengthen up my back muscles and core, alongside following the C25k programme.

Does anyone have a plan or any suggested stretches or excercises particularly for this area? Just stuff I can do in the living room etc!

It doesnt "hurt" at the moment but don't want it develop into anything more serious further down the line.

Will also try to make sure my form is OK next time out!

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It sounds as if you should be doing some pilates where there's lots of back and core strengthening work and stretching too. Can you get to a class near you? Alternatively there are lots of clips on YouTube.

A very simple back stretch is the cat stretch

The other thing good stretch is to lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest, hold onto your kness and just gently rock your back from side to side.

Try these and see how you get on.


You are right, core strength is important. Lie on your back, lift your bum by drawing your legs up, keeping your back straight. Lift one lower leg, keeping it in line with your body and hold for thirty seconds then do the other leg. Do about six reps. Combine this with situps, abs crunches and squats and you will see and feel the difference quite quickly. I found this one on but I can't find the link, sorry.


One of the links here is for back strength [... if you can get over the wedding dress! :)

Plank is an excellent one for overall core strength - ask someone to check your posture

It is a good idea not concentrate just on one set of muscles. check this - (I am not sure if you can see all the videos without subscribing but it is worth a go

and also


You can buy good workout DVD's to do at home. Bob Harper seems to be a popular chap

I do Jillian Michaels ones and I find they really help


The exercises others have suggested look good. I think it's really Important to stretch before and after the run. Try stretching once you are warmed up before you start running, and again once you have reached the end of the running section, and again when you get home. Clearly you won't be lying down to stretch whilst outside, but you can do lunges, quad stretches, reach round behind, bend over etc etc.


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