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Week 3 run 3

Its done :-) i had to change my days this week so completed my last run in the daylight. I am lucky to have some beautiful places to run but to get there I need to cross and run along a dual carriage way. Not very busy but busy enough. I was amazed and confused to get so many beeps from passing cars when I was running. A great boost to my confidence that I can still get attention even if is from the back :-)

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well done thats great :D and a few extra beeps to boost the confidence even more , a very good run then :D


I know exactly what you mean Stef. I'm continually being beeped at by lady lorry drivers and some even lean out of the window and go "Corrrr! Gooo on darlin'!!!

Actually that was a dream.

But well done on completing 3/3. You're a thrid of the way through now so go get 'em!


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