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'Scuse me while I kiss the ground...Falling over is so embarrassing!

So after a combination of lack of motivation, bad weather and not enough time in the day I finally ventured back out after missing at least 10 days of running. I Started well, full of enthusiasm, then I stopped to jog on the spot as a car was coming, he kindly stopped to let me cross & off I sprint only to feel myself stumble. I almost save it twice but no such luck, I feel myself falling over in the middle of the road. It's so horrible knowing it' going to happen and not being able to stop, and it was so much worse because there was no mud, I just fell over my own feet and someone was watching me. Judging by my grazed knee I think I hit the ground on my knees first, followed closely by my hands (no gloves on today) before finishing it off with my left temple bumping gracefully against the tarmac. The damage to my pride was so much worse though.

On the plus side the man was very nice and said he was a "fellow runner" so maybe I looked like a runner rather than someone who can't even cross the road! I'm also quite pleased with myself for managing to brush myself off and complete the run instead of heading to a friends house for tea and sympathy.

Here's hoping the next one starts a bit more competently.

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Oh no that sounds painful Kate! I'm very impressed that you finished your run after that. It's so much harder falling down as adults than when we were children!


How embarrassing! But how good that he's a fellow runner, and understood. I hope you've not damaged yourself, and that you're not too sore in the morning. Don't let it be a setback, Kate, keep running!


Been there, done that, though not in front of a car luckily! I also managed to keep going, though had to walk for a bit. We don't bounce back as quickly as my toddler does when we fall over!


I'm very impressed that you managed to finish your run! When I did my superman impression, I sat on the floor, cried and called my husband to collect me. His reward was the looks he got when we went on holiday with me looking like a battered wife!

I hope you don't feel too sore tomorrow (hugs)


Rite of passage, falling over. At least your experience didn't happen bottom-first in a ploughed field and leave you to run through town looking very like someone with an unfortunate incontinence problem! Not my finest hour.

Hope you're not too sore, and well done for finishing anyway.


Aw Kate, Poor you xxx Well done for carrying on with your run, what a trooper ! :-)

Hope youre not too sore in the morning xxx


Ouch!! Ouch!!! And double ouch!! Hope your ok, well done for carrying on!! I am such a wimp I would have gone home!! Hope you did have some tea and some cake in the end


Ow! So impressed you got up and carried on, I'd have cried...hope you're feeling ok now xx


Thanks for all the kind words everyone, my pride was definitly more damaged than the rest of me although the graze on my knee was a bit sore this morning. It's just so undignified falling over once you're over 10!

The best bit about it all was the reaction from my lovely 16 year old son when I showed him my injuries - he made me a cup of tea then took the dog out for a walk so I could get straight into my PJs after my bath! :)

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Oh Kate, Bless ya, I know , you feel such a twit dont you when you do a face plant in full view of everyone.

Glad youre still in one piece :-)

Your son sounds like a diamond btw :-) xxxx


He is, I've got two sons & although they cause the usual problems with pig sty bedrooms & penicillin growing in mugs under the bed, they are both great. We had quite a tough time for the last few months of 2014 but they (& the running) kept me going.

Got a busy few days this week but I'm pretty sure I'll be back in my trainers again on Thursday although I might wait til I'm safely on the cycle track before I actually start running this time xx


Aw, they sound like great lads xxx

Take care Kate, watch out for the bikes ! :-) xxx


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