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Washing machine survival

So after having a struggle finding the satellites this morning my Garmin appears to be working ok. Haven't connected to garmin connect yet so that will be next thing but it survived!!

Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions no doubt I will keep the rice on stand.

Ps even though it was lovely and clean I would not recommend washing your garmin : )

Happy running

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Thats good news, i'm attached to my garmin and bet you are too, so relief all round! :)


Yeah thank you it was relief!!!


Hmm I thought about giving it a quick run through on no 3 wash but perhaps not lol Glad Mr G is up and running( no pun intended)...they are not cheap and would be expensive to replace....


LOL- yeah they are very expensive and no way i could justify having another one - so i was happy :) Mr G I like it - i think that will be his name from now!!


Phew!! Glad all's well with MrG. You should look me and lot of others from here up on Garmin Connect (I'm EpicGazelle, lol :D )


You should definitely tell Garmin about it - they will be pleased to know how robust the product is! Glad it survived :)


Hiya, have been a bit busy recently and not been on here much, so just catching up with your adventures :)

Advice taken about the Garmin - now that I have a lovely shiny one thanks to kind Santa :)

And I'm pleased to see you completed that 10k run and got a fab medal.

And finally, mental to read about your boiling hot weather when I was out running this morning in sleet and hail stones - ouch, they stung!

:) xx


A nice shiny new Garmin - How very exciting you! I am sure you will love it!! Hope you had a good xmas and new year!

The race was fab and my partner is going to do it next year with me.

The sleet and hail stones sound very painful and not nice I would probably would hide under the duvet. So well done for getting out in those conditions!!!! Even the papers are saying this is the hottest weather Chile has experienced for a few years. So i am officially in warm weather training, so my distances have dropped and i am just trying to get out 3 times a week. now its getting a bit cooler (between 33 and 31 during the day) i have started to get my distance up to 7km.


That was lucky !


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