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No Running For AGES :( But Other Things Have Happened!

I'm not going to lie but I've not been properly aboard HMS Couch to 5k since the end of August due to lots of various things (I won't bore you with it). My last run was over a month ago and I'm feeling the loss. However all this down can be counterbalanced by some ups! After months and months of searching I found a new job which I started at the beginning of November. It wasn't my first choice, in all honesty but so far so good. The staff are lovely and the general atmosphere is much better than the old place.

BUT the best news is that my boyfriend and I are just weeks away from moving into our very own home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've just had confirmation from the Solicitor that our deposit funds have cleared and the contracts have been exchanged.

So fingers crossed that this time next month, I shall be writing a post about a fab run from the comfort of MY HOUSE.

Sorry but eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!

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How exciting......!! Glad the new job is going well and I'm sure you'll be out and running once the dust from the house move has settled. Good Luck !!


Wow great news...New job and a new house lots of good stuff for the new it the same area?I ask because if it is you won't need new running routes...if it is n't you have the adventure of new win!!!


Oooh exciting stuff indeed! Have fun and be sure to make time to run x :-)


Exciting times Jana - new job, new home and new life. I'm sure you'll manage to make time for running when things start to settle down a bit. Good luck :)


sounds like all is going well now....well done on the job, and the house sounds really exciting, you just need to top it all of with a little run to get you back in the groove :)


This sounds very much like a happy new year!!!!

Long may it continue for you :)


Happy new year Jana. Great news on the house! I hope you can find your running legs once again. I'm sure that you'll need a lot of breaks from the inevitable DIY that seems to go with house buying so running is a good way of de-stressing and keeping fit for all that ladder climbing and wallpapering etc etc.

Have fun!


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