week 6, puf, puf, poorray!

Phew! Finished with week 6 with gratitude!

This was the run with 8 minutes in the middle! Mon I did 31.10 min, Wed 31 min and today Thursday 33.10 min with 3.61 miles.

What do you do when you stop in the middle for the loo; do you lose points?

Yes, I forced myself a bit much I thought; yet they say it’s good for you. Well, I’m alive and have done it! I'm so glad I do this in the gym. the day is dark, misty and drizzly. I don't know if it clears the lung! A bit tight for my bronchiectasis. Cheers, Mic

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  • Haha ! If Paula Radcliffe can stop for the loo in the middle of a marathon without losing points you can hop off your static bike with no penalty ! Well done...

  • henpen90, I often wonder how my postman does it! He is an unsung hero with all the other posties who walk miles every day and with such a load too, and half of it is junk mail. thank you

  • Congratulations on finishing week 6! What an achievement :-)

  • Thank you, the steam has just stopped coming out of my ears!

  • Well done Mic, I have to take my hat off to you , you are doing so , so well .

    Fair play to ya, Chum :-) xxx

  • Lovely to have your encouragment, poppypug!

  • Well done Mic. Fabulous. Going great guns

  • Great, thanks Barbara

  • Well done. Great achievement! :) Think you should get extra points for the loo break as you will have had to have walked there and back ;)

  • Hahaha, running there, walking back!

  • Then you definitely deserve extra points for that! ;)

  • Hahaha. I am not charged then, like a taxi waiting and the minutes are ticking increasing the fare!

    Love it! Thank you Hilbean :-)

  • Fabulous! Even with the loo break!

  • Thats a fantastic achievement well done you...and I think you are allowed the loo :)

  • Thank you. They advise drinking a lot ... it must go somewhere!

  • Well done you! Not long now....

  • right, thanks. But I see the rest seems really tough 25 minutes and 28 minutes flat out. I hope there will be lots of loos on the way, hahahaha!