Couch to 5K

5k...but slower

Again a super morning and decided to aim for 30mins but try and increase pace. Was enjoying the run and felt good so doubled back on a section and kept running. Was pleasantly surprised to look at RK and see that I had run for over 40mins with a total of 5.2k. Reluctantly I had to stop running and start the cool down walk. After comparing the split for 5k with my first 5k on Saturday was surprised to see that I had actually been about 1 minute slower, but unlike the other run when I nearly crawled home felt I could have gone on. Anyway, whatever the distance or time it was great being out.

The best part is I have put a skirt on that for a long time I could not fasten the top button, it now swivels on my waist.

Hope everyone enjoys there run today.

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Sounds like you really enjoyed it and are now fitter and slimmer. What more can a girl ask for. I'm going to save "skirt trying on" until, like you, I become a graduate which will hopefully be in a couple of weeks time.


Well done! The weight does come off, particularly round the waist, which is not surprising I don't suppose. Good though ey!

I was out walking the dog this morning and it was positively balmy!


Its lovely when you get a run like that!! :) With the extra bonus of clothes fitting better. I am ashamed to say it i have so many clothes that I have dragged 6000miles away from their home in UK to SAM. The aim of the game was to fit into them with room - not really happened just yet but i have decided to knuckle down this week (I might have said that a few weeks ago too) but this week is different.


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