C25k x 2 = 10k?

I have started c25k x2. This is not a new programme, I just use 2 c25k podcasts back to back. It started by accident really. I re-started c25k at week3 but decided I wanted to be out for a bit longer so I restarted the podcast. Since then I have done wk3+wk4 and wk4+wk4. You could mix and match however you like though. I am not aiming for 10k although I always like a bit of progression. I do miss out the cool down at the end of the first podcast because there is a warm up walk in the next one.

Any thoughts anyone?

2 Replies

  • Wow, really impressed! What an interesting idea.... Can't wait to see some graduate comments on here! Keep us posted on progress!

  • Interesting idea and whatever keeps you moving is great. Everyone is different and this is working for you so I'd stick with it

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