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C25k x 2 = 10k?

I have started c25k x2. This is not a new programme, I just use 2 c25k podcasts back to back. It started by accident really. I re-started c25k at week3 but decided I wanted to be out for a bit longer so I restarted the podcast. Since then I have done wk3+wk4 and wk4+wk4. You could mix and match however you like though. I am not aiming for 10k although I always like a bit of progression. I do miss out the cool down at the end of the first podcast because there is a warm up walk in the next one.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Wow, really impressed! What an interesting idea.... Can't wait to see some graduate comments on here! Keep us posted on progress!


Interesting idea and whatever keeps you moving is great. Everyone is different and this is working for you so I'd stick with it


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