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Still going

When I first came on here I had loads of encouragement so I thought I would post a quick update. I am now on week four and still loving every minute of it. Struggled a bit on week three but managed to get through in the end so was a little nervous about this week but I seem to have found my stride and really felt that I could have kept going. Also this running lark seems to be catching as my wife has also started the programme even after seeing me come home out of breath

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Well done ade!

Resist the urge to run further at this stage, tempting though it might be. The idea is to finish c25k in one piece and an injury could interrupt things

It's good that your wife might run with you too. I wish my husband would run with me but sadly not.

The programme is over all too soon, so enjoy it to the full


Wow, that's great the wife has decided to join in :)

It's really good that you have found your stride. Getting that "hey, I can do this" feeling is half the battle.

Happy running!


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