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Crappy run take THAT!

Yesterday I moaned about a less than stellar run. Probably felt a tiny itsy bitsy bit sorry for myself. Today I told myself "sod that, you just get out there and show that route what you REALLY think of it, Tomas". So I did.

Yesterday I was picked up by my other half after an hour and a half. Today I was home in 45 minutes. Yesterday my legs were aching and my mood was rubbish. Today my legs felt better when I got home than when I left, and my mood was right up there!

So THERE, stupid route!

Only aber-dabei was that I was cycling today. Not quite the done thing for a runner, but at least I got around the route with time to spare for a shower.

And a question, if I may, to anyone who cycles and measures heart rate. I put on my HRM and got it linked to my trusty GPSMAP 62 (a hiking gps rather than a work-out thingy). The heart rate graph shows my heart rate warying between 115 and 125 despite me huffing and puffing the same way as when my HR is up around 150 when running. Does this point to the reporting being wrong, or is running THAT much easier on the heart?

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No idea about heart rates for running and cycling, I have a friend who cycles i'll ask him... well done on kicking that routes arse!


Thank you, and please do. Cos it is really confusing me. Maybe I should take the Garmin with me on the bike, just to get a like-for-like comparison.


Heh, well done :) The next thing to do is to run it, now you know where you are going after the road closure and you have beaten the doubt that might have been lurking in your mind. Sorry I can't help with the cycling and heart rate question but I can't ride a bike - how shocking is that?? Enjoy your next run.


What a great idea! I've got a long run planned for Saturday, and I think I shall use that same route. That would work! Thank you!

Of course you can ride a bike. Everybody can. It's like... like riding a bike ;-)


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