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Some positive news

Had another appointment with the physio last night. My knee has improved no end over the last few days.

He's given me a rather curious exercise to do, involving standing on one leg (the bad one) and pulling on a piece of rubber tied to a door handle. I'm sure it would look very strange if someone saw me doing it.

I've also got to do more walking as a build up to next Thursday when I can give running a try! :D

Just a W1R1 run but it's a start at least, and if it goes well and the knee holds up I'll hopefully be able to properly get back into the swing of things.

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Good news indeed! As you get stronger then so will your running. Go steadily and carefully, no need for speed, and you will finish this thing! Woohoo!


Woohoooo that is fabulous news. you should try kt tape too for your ankle whilst you run it may help, a lot of sports men and women use it. It's quite expensive though. I'm going to invest in some. Plus drink some recovery shake after running to help repair muscles sis rego recovery shake is good and doesn't taste too bad. ;-)


errmmm - nowt wrong with my ankle ;) (probably spoke too soon lol)

I just looked at that recovery shake!! 300 odd calories per serving??!!! That's not gonna help the weight loss plan!

Think I'll stick to my Buxton liquid replenishing elixir.


ooppps so sorry, your knee, I am still in the clouds after that run. ha ha I do apologise. ;-)

Blimey how much are you thinking of drinking after a run it is only 180 kcal for 50g sachet or three scopes. Although if you are already drinking something that is helping then I would stick with it.

Myfitnesspal is good for calculating your kcal intake everyday, I manage to be under most days and on my run days too after a recovery shake and energy bar ;-)

This keep fit lark isn't easy. Too much temptation in the way most days


I looked at it on Amazon and it said that a serving was 100g and 300 odd kcal.

Don't know if I'm at the level where I need specific recovery drinks. Probably stick to water for now, and maybe a banana :)


Oh that's strange I have 50g which is 180kcal.

If water works for you keep at it... Glad to hear you are recovering well and will be back out there ;-)


Hopefully won't keep you waiting as long as first feared ;)

Should help your impatience ;)


Ha ha I'll go store the rope away then ;-)


Yay, that's wonderful to hear, Peter. I'm very happy for you!


That's good news - easy does it though!


Lets hope so and hope that W1R1 goes well and the knee keeps going.


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