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Untimed 4k fun run - will only be on week 3. What split of run/walk would you recommend?


I recently restarted c25k and am planning to complete this time around!

I've signed up for a local, untimed 4k run for charity that's happening this Sunday, when I'd be due to start week 3, run 1, but that run wouldn't get me to 4k judging by my last runs.

I was thinking maybe 90 seconds run, 2 mins break, which is less than the week 3, run 1, but as it's 4k would probably be for around 30 mins.

I was wondering what you guys might suggest?



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I did what you are planning to do -- I started running at Parkrun (5K) at around week 3 stage of the C25k. I would simply do the last (third) run of that week at parkrun - instead of just around my local roads. I even included the 5 minutes warm up and cool down walks into the Parkrun 5K. So the walks would get me across around 1K, the run/walk ratios would get me across around another 3 Ks - and I would fill in the rest with whatever I felt like.

I enjoyed being at parkrun - and , even doing what I was doing, still brought me across the finish line faster than the walkers :)

So - basically it doesn't matter what ratio your choose - do whatever feels comfortable.


You'll find on charity runs that even the runners walk at times, so do whatever splits you like.


I think that perhaps you may be seeking advice as to what run/walk ratio to use for this Charity run , which as you suggest , being 4K long would probably take around 30 minutes to complete.

You will have finished weeks 1 and 2 by then - but these weeks only have you run/walking for a maximum of around 20 minutes. I think that you would be able to do the 30 minutes - but I would recommend that you use the run/walk ratio of Week1. You will have already done the run/walk ratio of week 2 by then - but you will be facing an increase of 10 minutes in the total run/walk time so the easier ratio form week 1 would compensate for that.

So I would say, either do week3D1 run in its entirety for the charity run - including the 5 minutes each warm up and cool down walk -- or run the full 4K using the week1 run/walk ratio.


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