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Edinburgh Parkrun 26th July

A group of us are meeting up to do the Parkrun at Cramond in Edinburgh next Saturday. Some at least will be sporting C25k T-shirts. If you are in the area why not join us! If you've never done a Parkrun now is your chance. Edinburgh is a big (400+) friendly event on a dead flat course. Don't worry about time lots of people walk bits of it and there's always folk encouraging the finishers.

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I'll be there Wilma and really looking forward to it. I definitely won't be fast but hopefully you will all wait for me at the finish line :)


I'll be there too As Wilma says don't worry about time as lots of walk / runners and often couple of ladies who walk the whole thing The folk at the back get loads of support. Really looking forward to meeting virtual friends. Always windy at edinburgh so we would be really unlucky not to get a breeze of some sort no matter how hot.


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