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Soul destroying


I've been working so hard training for my first half marathon in September, i managed to get past an 8 week set back due to badly bruised/ cracked ribs from a fall while running and got back to managing just over 8 miles and then i've gone and done something to my foot on my last long run. No idea what i've done but it was really painful so i decided to rest it for a while. It's been fine for several days now so i thought i'd give it a go and 15 minutes in it started hurting again not really bad but enough to worry me i'll make it worse if i carry on :o( I feel like all my hard work has been wasted and i have no idea what to do for the best. Just feel like sitting and sobbing any one have any advice as im starting to think my September run isn't going to happen

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I also have my first HM in September and I feel bad that I haven't ran since Sunday (been feeling under the weather), really sad to hear you're injured. Have you tried a walk/run combo, it may be you won't be able to run it all but perhaps by run/walking the stress on your body would be less and you could still complete it? Hope the injury feels better soon!

sinope82Graduate in reply to Lovefood1984

Thanks Lovefood, walking doesnt seem to be a problem so i think i may have to really dissapointing though as i was doing so well


Oh sinope that's such bad luck, you must be devastated. Please go see your GP or a physio and get a proper diagnosis and advice. The sooner you know what the problem is, the sooner you can start to deal with it.

Chin up Sweetie, don't despair, it may be something that's easily dealt with, with the proper care. Knowledge is power, bite the bullet and go find out.

Very best of luck. Keep posting so we know how you are x

sinope82Graduate in reply to AncientMum

Thanks Ancientmum, i hope so going to try and get to see someone but getting in at my doctors around work is a nightmare. Fingers crossed it'll be something thats easy to sort out


Good advice from Lovefood1984, sometimes run/walk can help with a niggle.

Whereabouts on your foot is the pain? I'm asking because the top of my foot got really sore following my 10k and it was caused by my foot swelling in the heat, loosened my laces and it seems okay. It could be as simple as that, as Ancientmum says try not to worry until you know more. I have everything crossed for your hm, keep us posted! :-)

Edited to add - don't forget to ice it and ibuprofen gel can be helpful too.

sinope82Graduate in reply to notbad

Thanks notbad it's really weird almost feels like my foot needs to crack while i'm running but then the day after i first hurt it it almost felt bruised inside. I'm hoping it wont be as bad this time because i stopped when it started again but yep plenty of ice ready to go. Unfortunately i'm alergic to ibuprophen type drugs so i cant use that or most freeze/heat sprays & rubs so if the ice doesn't work it's grin and bear it time though

notbadGraduate in reply to sinope82

The description of bruised inside is how my foot felt too, shame you can't have ibuprofen maybe try arnica gel instead?


firstly get an expert need to know whats what...calm down, I know how hard it is...but its part of a runners learn about how to cope with injury...take care, get help and stay calm.... :)

sinope82Graduate in reply to ju-ju-

Thanks juicyju, i know it happens its just so frustrating having managed to recover from my ribs which were agony only to end up with a poorly foot. Heres hoping i can get past this one too


It's not til September so there is every chance you will be ok by then.

I wouldn't be giving up on it yet


hi, sorry I don't have any advice re your injury but just wanted to say I;m the same.....HM in September, so far had 3 weeks training missed due to ankle injury and 3 weeks due to tonsillitis/chest infection.

as you say its soul destroying....I was up to 10k.

keep your chin up and hope youre better soon x

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