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Late again! the theme of my week/life? but 8.6k!!

Late again! the theme of my week/life? but 8.6k!!

Meant to get up and out at 6am ish to avoid the heat, but only started my run at 7.30am, oh well never mind! headed on my seafront route, couldn't decide whether to try the 8k stint(only once so far) so decided to see how i felt! Sun was just peeking through(see pic, i have fab new(given by OH as he doesn't use it) phone with lovely photo and music player so great for me and c25k! )

well i managed it(just!- it was very hot and i was troubled by LOADS of greenfly type bug that landed in my eye and stuck to my face & vest...LOVELY!!, and lots of elderly holidaymakers to avoid!! on their way back home........ )..........but i was determined to get to the end after the halfway point so plodded on.

got to the end of revetment eventually, glad to see the end in sight, my knee was a bit achy and shoulder /neck, think i must be not relaxing enough! and sports bra just beginning to chaff a little , will have to see what i can do about that, not good side effect and it was expensive-ish !! any hints ladies?

Have been bit wiped out rest of day so lucky its my day off! did manage recouperating walk along same beach with George and OH , with a stop for coffee and buns :)

Hope you all have a good weekend, i'm back to work tomorrow :(

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Well done! Isn't it funny how you think it's going to be a rubbish run, and it turns out great! Where are you? The beach looks too nice to be Portsmouth! Have a great weekend :)


Hi Treemouse, the beach is Shanklin on the I.O.W., its very pretty there! it was hard but glad i made it, thats my furthest one yet! was achy for a bit after tho!

Day off today so just off out for a walk in the sunshine :)


8.6K! Well, look at you! :-P Well done, that's great going; sounds like a really nice run you had, apart from the bugs and the Elderly Holiday Makers. Could have been worse though; you could have had Elderly Holiday Makers stuck to your vest; that really would be cause for alarm! I think aches are normal toward the end of a long run like that; my left ankle starts to ache in the latter part of a long run. Our bodies are still getting used to things, so it's to be expected. Hope it's all cleared up now!

Sorry to hear you're working tomorrow. :-( Hope it all goes well! :-)


Thanks M_Y!! i should have carried on the 3 more mins to make 1hr of running but i was pooped! and running out of pavement! still previous longest was 8.25, so beat that! Elderly holiday makers on vest would DEFINITELY slow me down!!

was achy and a bit worn out on fri but ok yesterday, yes am very much a learner still but progressing!!

work was ok, bit quiet, but our chef was on his last day and bought in pastries, so a pecan plait cheered me up!! And my colleague putting on christmas music whilst i was on a break then running out the shop! wondered why she was off so fast... :)

Hope your weekend is good :)


Looks fantastic and well done for getting through it. I discovered chamois cream works best for the boys - a cycling buddy tipped me off about it and how good it is for chaffing.


will have to look into that thanks for the tip! its very pretty down there! :)

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Cheapo Vaseline! I started getting a really painful chafe under my arm of all places. Little swipe of Vaseline and job's a good un! No more problems

You will ache after, or during, these longer runs but that's to be expected until we get more used to them. It is still early days for most of us


Yes you're right, i'm still very much a learner, especially apparent in these longer runs, glad i can't see what i look like! definitely very red in face!! I could do with a padded sport bra as that one of the spots that rubs at the front if you know what i mean!!?

was quite wiped out for alot of fri, but think i allowed myself to overinduldge in my recouperation period, sure i could have got going earlier relly, but it was nice to laze around! :)

hope all well with you? :)


Great distance. Well done :)


thanks Paul, getting there slowly but surely!! :)


Yucky bugs! Well done Ali, sounds like a top notch run to me! I love the picky, it looks so tranquil. So its 10k soon then is it? Sorry you're back to work, shame you couldn't get another enforced day off (paid though!) Enjoy your running x


Weird having greenfly at the beach?! yes the new phone takes good pickies, i will enjoy using that. it was nicer before the sun broke through, then a bit hot for me! Shouldn't complain tho!

work done for weekend, day off today, just off out with George, hopefully a short run tonight :)

hope you have a good weekend :)


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