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Keeping a steady pace for "brisk walking"?

Hi All,

I've started this couch to 5k lark. I've done interval training for running before ( I did the race for life 2 years ago but haven't been running since as I really don't enjoy it). I'm onto week two this evening and generally find that I can pace myself steadily when jogging but I'm a bit all over with the "brisk walk". I try to use the music but find myself slowing down until I'm just walking at my usual pace then push to speed up and then am going as fast as I would jogging slowly!

Has anyone got any good tips or ideas on how to find/keep a good pace for the brisk walk section?

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I count! One, two, three, four. It's not important how you do it. As long as you just do it. The idea is to open up your chest and warm up your body ready to run. Just walk fast however you like. Don't worry about rhythm or style

Enjoy yourself!


In all honesty, I wouldn't worry too much about a 'brisk' walk and just walk. I started running because I was having trouble sustaining a brisk walk. Nearly two and a half years down the line I still find a brisk walk too painful to sustain, although I can probably walk longer and faster than I did. Running is much looser.


I'd say anything that's faster than your normal walking speed is fine. You just need to warm up your muscles and get a few deep breaths in to prepare your body for the run. Think 'marching', swing those arms a little, but actual pace isn't really important.



Also finding music you like with a good, well paced beat. Finding it can be trial and error - but you can use to find the pace of a song once you've found one that works well for you - and then find more track that are at a similar pace.


I warmed up to Land of a thousand dances today! It was hard to keep any kind of orderly walking as I was doing the jerk, the mashed potato, the alligator, the pony and the bony moroni

It warmed me up a treat!


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