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It wasn't the dreaded plantar fasciitis after all!

Hi all, as you will know from my earlier posts, it's taken me a jolly long time to graduate, had foot/heel pain, well it happened again didn't it, just last week, again back to the magic 30 and ping! Anyway, fed up with this and not sure my symptoms added up to the dreaded plantar fasciitis, i went to see a podiatrist. Seems it's actual ankle sprain, under pronator with high arches, now if I'd done ballet as a child I would have rock solid ankles, but didn't, preferred Brownies and Guides, so mystery solved, and being a girl who likes her heels, I just need to sort them out, got myself some Pilates bands, and doing some simple exercises - if anyone knows of some simple strengthening exercises do let me know, and comments on using ankle supports would be useful. Many thanks.

Madge50 xx

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I'd recommend using kinesiology tape to support your ankles.


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