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Foam Roller question

I recall having seen people on here mention that they use foam rollers for post run muscle relief. I have finally decided to take the plunge and invest in one. The array of variants on Amazon and every other website is bewildering though. Long ones, short ones, knobbly ones, ribbed ones, different degrees of firmness. I won't mention what it all reminds one of. The price range seems quite wide too. Could anyone enlighten as to what the difference is, or more to the point, which is the most suitable for runners?

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I was just like you 2 years ago when I decided it was a must to buy having used one at a stretch class at my gym. I was totally and utterly confused so I asked the instructor what he thought. His reply was he had bought one from Sports Direct to use at home for £5.99 which was what I did. I saved £50 because I had been going to buy a Raebok one and that £50 bought me (almost) a new pair of running shoes. The roller is perfect but try and get some instruction or check out You Tube on the correct ways to use one.


Thanks OG. Have ordered the basic one now. And caused my wife no end of mirth with You Tube videos. I fear more ridicule will be coming my way once I get the roller, but heyho.


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