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Other C25K Benefits

I had yesterday all planned. But you know what they say about plans.

Work in the morning. Attend a planning meeting for a community event in Coventry, which included a free lunch. Part two of the meeting after lunch and then - because the weather was good, find a park and go for my last run before Race for Life on Sunday.

First part of the plan went well. Left work on schedule and got onto the motorway. Satnav eta 40 mins. Available time 50 mins. Plenty of petrol - well it was above the red mark anyway.

Got to spaghetti junction - signs saying motorway closed at next junction. No problem, I was changing motorways there then anyway. Stupid me. Spent next hour and a bit in first and second gear, off the motorway and on the A45 .

Finally get to the point of the story. Petrol gauge dropped drastically. Crumbs. I cannot pull off because there are no exits or hard shoulder. Panic not. There is a petrol station en route - just over a mile away - my running gear is in the boot. If push comes to shove I know I can run to the petrol station and get a can and be on the move again without too much delay.

Although I was driving with everything crossed, figuratively, I wasn't too worried about having to cover some distance. Being reassured that I could sensibly cover distance if I had to certainly reduced the tension.

Epilogue: arrived I time for lunch [☆], meeting ran over too late for a run [ :-( ].

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Another unforeseen benefit of c25k- the ability to fetch petrol in a roadside emergency. Laura would be proud of you!

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She sure would!

I hate it when my running plans get kyboshed. It drives me nuts in fact. Still, I try not to let it, and prioritise it. You can't win em all though Moonmar but you'll really enjoy it when you do manage to fit it in.

I used to think our local Morri*ons was too far to walk but now I know I can run there in 15 minutes. I would never go in the car as it's on the road to hell! I shop wisely as I have to be able to run home with it.

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