Couch to 5K

Repeating w5

Having managed w5r3 last Friday I was debating whether to go for week 6 (approaching it carefully, as several people on here had said it was tricky) or repeat week 5 to consolidate. Two nights out over the weekend involving much dancing, bed after 1.30, and lots and lots of fruit wine (and then some more) I was feeling a little fragile this morning so decided to repeat w5r1. Glad I did, as the weekend's festivities had definitely taken their toll. I think my leg strings had definitely broken - had to visualise hauling my legs up and down to get there. So today was one of the slowest runs ever but at least I completed it. I'm hoping it is all building stamina - and you've got to have a great weekend like this once in a while! I'm glad tomorrow is a rest day!

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Sounds like a fun weekend :-)

Maybe you won't feel like you need to do the whole of week 5 again, maybe you could skip onto week 6 when you're ready? Or not!


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