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Week 4 Complete Onto week 5

Well I haven't posted the last week as have been away. Have been keeping up the runs and have completed week 4. The runs are getting tougher even though I don't feel as tired my calf's and ankles started to hurt pretty bad.

Completed week 5 run 1 Today and this was really tough still on track I think to push 5k in the 30min deadline. But will be happy to complete in 35.

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Congratulations! Good luck with week 5. I have just started W4 today and I have noticed how it's getting tougher! My aim is to do a 5k in what ever time then work from there!


hi, W5R1 here, my left hip is bothering me, I had to take an extra rest day before starting W5, but today was ok.

Good luck with W5

best regards


I had all sorts of aches and pains up until Week 5 and now I have different aches and pains! First off I had sore knees, then sore calfs, then sore thighs... now it's aching quads! Our bodies are getting used to this running thing so aches and pains are normal.

Having said that, if anything hurts too much to run - don't run! If you need an extra rest day - take it (it won't hurt like injury will). Listen to your body and take it easy out there. See a GP or physio if anything is really worrying you. You'll find that that about this time in the programme you'll start to find a comfortable pace for you so you'll know how to slow things down when you need to...

Good luck with week 5 ... it's a major milestone at the end of next week so take it slow and enjoy it!


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