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Hi, I posted last week (and got some sound advice) about buying new trainers as I experienced knee pain after finishing the 3rd run of week 1. I spent today having my gait analysed and have a good idea of which shoes to buy once my knees recover. Thing is, at the second place the assistant had me off and on the treadmill, the first time I've run since last Monday and my knees, which felt as though they were on the mend, are just as sore if not sorer.

How long can I expect this to last? I'm impatient to get back out but I'm not daft enough to attempt it until I'm 100%, but I'm irrationally worried that that'll never happen! Anyone care to slap some sense into me?

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My knee has been niggly but not really sore. I just know that if I ice it, take anti inflamitories and an extra days rest it helps. I went to the physio to get checked over just to make sure I wasn't doing any damage. He said he was happy with everything I was doing and should continue. It can be your muscles having a groan at being asked to do extra. It may be worth being checked by the docs or physio. Good luck


A physio told me that you are bound to have some aches and pains when you start a new exercise regime. My knees ached all the time up until about W5 or 6, when they mysteriously stopped hurting. I had previously dismissed the idea of running because of the dodgy state of my knees, but I can honestly say that they rarely cause me any problems now and are stronger than ever, after nearly a year of running. Because I run mainly offroad, to avoid the worst of the impact, I have never had gait anlysis done, but I would if I were running on roads.

RICE is the recommendation for anything that hurts after a run. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. It is worth being cautious but minor pains do sometimes need to be run through. There are knee strengthening exercises on the NHS Choises website.

Good luck. Hope it all sorts itself soon.


According to my recent visit to the Dr about my knees, discomfort is okay, pain isn't. I have found my knee moans a lot and occasionally has an all out upset, but a few days rest and we're up and running again. Gait analysis is a good idea though and I hope it fixes it for you.

I agree with Iannoda Truffe though, stuff does just strengthen :-)

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