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probably tmi - but - anyone had really bad trapped wind after starting running / c25k?? please say its not just me!

I'm only on my secong run of c25k but 've had really bad (and quite painful) wind since my first run on Thursday...... anyone else?

And if so will it go away as my body gets used to running (I'm 32 pretty fat and not done ANY exercise for at least 6 years...)

Thanks so much! :)

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Also overweight, and I'm not sure if it was trapped wind, but when I first started I always used to get lower stomach pains after running. This problem seems to have subsided over time. Exercise is supposed to help the digestive system so I think it's probably just your body reacting to your change in routine. I always took it as a good sign anyway. ;-) Obviously, if you're in severe discomfort/actual pain then don't push on and get it checked out. Good luck. This is a great programme that works!


Not sure about wind but I have seen posts on here from people just starting (and me) who have a really urgent need to 'go' when running. Maybe all that extra movement just gets things moving. Anyway in my case it had gone by week 2.


No but (equally perhaps tmi) running definitely makes me burp like a water buffallo, which is made worse by headphones because I can't hear myself. I do think it sort of shakes the air around inside!!


Trapped? No!

Seriously though, does anyone know that strange noise that horses make sometimes, usually while trotting, sort of a groaning inside their bellies, in time with their gait? My guts make that noise sometimes, it's very strange!


no eating before running...and I think thats normal, Laura has some good tips for stiches... :)


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