Crisis!! husband has put my race pack for tomorrow somewhere but having turned the house upside down I can't find it...

Has anyone had this?

Will they give out new tabbards and chips?

Should I get there v v early to find out?

I've emailed and rung the helpline... No one there

I'm so so so so so gutted, so I'm just drinking wine.

Any ideas I'd be very grateful...




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22 Replies

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  • Have you recently designated a new 'safe' place? I did this some months ago. Could I hell find my driving licence counterpart one day. The day before I needed it. Panic. Frustration. Then I remembered, after much searching, I'd created a new 'safe place' and that's where it was. So bloody safe I couldn't find the thing.

    Firstly, try to relax and stay calm; systematically search again in all the likely (and unlikely!) places. And don't overdo the wine, for goodness sake: last thing you want is to find the pack and have to run hungover!

    The very best of luck, JuJu!

  • Thank you... We have literally turned the house upside down. Normally it's my husband who loses everything and then I find it in seconds!!! Not this time ;(

  • Can you think back to when you last saw it. Sometimes it helps to visualise when you last had hold of it and re track your actions. Will need to get calm first, maybe the wine will help (just a little bit!). Sending positive vibes that you find it

  • Have you tried the car? Under the stairs? Under hanging coats? I don't now what else to suggest, sorry. Just try one room at a time and leave no corner unchecked. Best of luck , x

  • Yep checked car, checked everything or so it feels like... It must be somewhere....

  • I have found things being curtains, on a tucked in chair, caught in between things so you can't see it right away. You've got me panicing now!

  • I found my phone in the fridge a few weeks ago......! Leave no cushion unturned, JuJu. Positive vibes from me too.

  • That is hilarious... My mum once lost 300 quid in cash... We turned the house upside down, then I thought I'd just check the kitchen bin.. There it all was!!!

  • LOL! Good job you checked! Exactly, check all over! Check inside books too, you never know! Any running books it may be in?

  • I've checked but then our house is full of books!!! I've been through the bin, the recycling, even checked my underwear drawer!!!

  • Did your husband photocopy/scan any of the race pack and left it on the scanner glass? I've done that before now too, with my passport. Took the copy I printed then left the passport on the glass!

  • Done all that.. Rubbish, recycling, behind cupboards etc...

  • At the front door, back door? With your running gear? If all else fails, google the question. Someone, somewhere will have had the same problem. Good luck.

  • Tried all that and good plan... What would we do without google...

  • After we moved, I lost all my belts. I searched high and low. Drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, boxes. After a couple of hours I gave up. Hubby came in and I told him. He opened the wardrobe door and voila, there were my belts. But I had looked in there about half a dozen times! Maybe ask someone else to look! Get the neighbours in, friends to come over. You could have a " look for Juicyju's race pack party".

  • Does your husband have a 'safe place' he puts his keys or his mail and such? A windowsill in the bedroom? If he put it away, it might be different from your searchpattern. For the race, if you have paid for participation, make sure you have a proof of payment with you. Good luck!

  • In a handbag/bag pocket??? Just have a glass of wine try not to think of it and it may come to you xx fingers crossed xx

  • Have you tried taking drawers out of furniture where it might be? Sometimes I have found important stuff has fallen down the back of a drawer I have put it in. Best of luck - if you don't find it I would expect they would be able to do something if you go early - you can't be the first person this has happened to.

  • I'm sure you're not the first person this has happened to. I don't have first hand experience, but I can imagine if you get there early someone will be able to help you out. Worst, worst case you can run the race without a chip. It's about getting out there, not so much about being official. Best of luck that it all sorts itself out. Deep breath. Easy on the wine cause you've got a race tomorrow! Best of luck xx

  • Is it in a gym or overnight bag?

    Just go to your run if you can't find it. You will not be the first person to turn up without the pack.

    Good luck. Big hug! :)

  • Hope you find it. I know when my Race for life kit came it looked like junk mail and I could have easily thrown it away without opening it. The only reason I didn't was because the same envelope came for my daughter and knowing she rarely gets mail - put 2 and 2 together. You will be on a register it might just mean running without . Good luck and hope for a good running day :)

  • Hope it turned up ...I usually locate all my " lost" stuff in the bin or recycling bags ...though in my case it's usually an earring or something like that .Hopefully it wasn't junked ...or if it was, you have gone along anyway ...assuming a hangover hasn't claimed you - and of course they'll allow you to take could they turn PantherGirl away ?

    Good luck....hopefully there'll be more adrenaline than ever coursing through your veins and you'll have a fab race :)

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